UCN’s mission is primarily to support the Northern Denmark region, regarding knowledge and development. Therefore, we have created the programme called International Entrepreneurs. The purpose is to support and create more entrepreneurship in Northern Denmark also within our international students.

Start your company by being part of International Entrepreneurs

International Entrepreneurs is the name of University College of Northern Denmark’s (UCN) international incubator programme. The incubator programme is created with the purpose of offering unique international entrepreneurial talents the opportunity to join extra-curricular entrepreneurial activities to strenghthen and develop their compentences within entrepreneurship.

​​​The programme is for international students with the right drive and motivation for developing a new startup company based on a unique and original idea. Use the programme to help you get started.

  • You have to apply to be part of International Entrepreneurs Programme
  • You will be linked to a mentor with unique entrepreneurial skills to help guide you to the next level of your idea
  • You will be part of entrepreneurial environment and network at UCN and will receive guidance from other entrepreneurs from UCN’s different educational ​programmes
  • You will be part of a framework of internal and external presentations and workshops within entrepreneurship
  • You will have the opportunity to pitch your concept / company for a panel of experts and receive valuable feedback

The programme is an extracurricular activity which means that is is something you do alongside of your studies.

If you want to apply for the International Entrepreneurs Programme, please read more here.